Altman Science

Videos Illustrating Physics Principles

Electromagnetic Fields

Magnetic field around a wire

Do it yourself - Make a speaker


Free energy is a myth

Michael Howes teaches F = BIl

At the Exploratorium: Electromagnetics

Do it yourself - Laser linked iPod


Do it yourself - Magnetic accelerator
magnetic accelerator
Anti-gravity device demo

Anti-gravity device with helicopter demo



Series circuits with Grucci fireworks

Parallel circuits with Grucci fireworks

Harmonic motion

Simple harmonic motion at the Exploratarium

Mark Wood of TSO teaches sound wavesbaby

Baby Sydney teaching pendulums

Blues musician Scott Ainslie teaches
string tension

String (music) theory

String (music) physics

Optics - Do It Yourself Laser Show

reflectedPlot a reflected image

Liquid lens effects

model of atomThe best laser effect ever!

The model of the atom

Amazing Laser Music Can

Effect #1: Diffraction grating

crystal ball

Effect #2: Tunnel of light

Effect #3: Crystal ball

Effect #4: Searchlight


#5: Spring Laser Effect

Effect #6: Galvanometer

Effect #7: Spider Web


Velocity vs. displacement animation

Velocity with hockey player Matt Whitehead

Elvis on a pink VespaElvis on a pink Vespa

The speed of sound

Relative velocity and the Buffalo Bills

Steven Gioia III teaches velocity at the races

Average velocity animation



Drag racer Debbie Faver

Hockey player Darrell Levy


Senator McCain's platform (compression)

Mt. Rushmore

Carving stone with sand (impulse)

Making statues with dynamite

Ultralight flight: balancing 4 forces

Force & Acceleration launching fireworks

Force of boat

Net force at Niagara Falls

Force & KE animation


London Bridge in Arizona

The powerful Joe Nettleton

At London Bridge - In Arizona


Noel Francisco in DC

Trig Functions


Triangle 1 (Pythagorean')

Sine Function

Tangeant FunctionSpace Needle

Firefighter Keith Drause

Trig with a giant redwood

Trig at the Seattle Space Needle

At the Basketball Hall of Fame

At the Louisville Slugger Museum

General Topics

Solid, Liquid, Gas

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics

Deflect an Electron Beam

Mapping a Magnetic Field

Transformer Theory

Fluke Multimeter