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Altman Science Shows

For the past three decades Thomas C. Altman has been balancing his career as a high school physics teacher with his high energy science assembly programs. Tens of thousands of students around the country (and several different countries) have enjoyed and been inspired by these assemblies.  

Based on the unifying theme of ENERGY, he modifies his presentation to an age and curriculum appropriate level but often includes Light, Lasers, Electricity, States of Matter, Sound and Waves, Holography and 3D and Nuclear energy.

There can also be an ‘animal’ component to his presentations when he presents his popular “IT’S ALIVE” assembly.

For all presentations students leave with a manipulative that reinforces the lesson presented and encourages enthusiasm that is infectious. He has done single classroom lessons and school wide assembly programs that included over 500 students.

Contact Mr. Altman at to discuss your program and how a presentation might enhance your objectives.

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