Thomas C. Altman's science and technology education programs.


Teaching science and making it fun since 1981

Making science accessable to learners of all ages.


Thomas C. Altman taught physics, science and technology at Oswego High School for 35 years. During that time he has also managed to invent a new technique for making holograms that is used around the world, create a laser optics kit used by thousands of students, and make personal appearances at all the major science teacher conventions for over a decade. Winner of a dozen local, state, and national teaching awards his innovative teaching techniques have been seen by over four million viewers on YouTube.  Now retired from the classroom he continues to maintain his commitment to science (and fun) by making some of his more exciting ideas and items available.

This web site consolidates those videos for use by physics students taking a class or studying for a final exam. It will also be useful for hobbyists, and entertainers looking to include lasers in their presentations.  It will serve as a connection point between the educational videos, the link to Etsy store, and a way of booking Mr. Altman for your educational activity.  

International Appeal


Mr. Altman has been a featured speaker at a number of international programs and has found that learners are amazed by the same thing regardless of cultural background.  

Captivating Activities


Focusing on hands on activities each participant gets a sense of accomplishment as well as a manipulative (toy) to take home to show to friends and family and maintain an interest in the science.