Science in the real world

I traveled around the country making physics videos of former Oswego High School students using physics out in the real world.  This is a compilation of many of the places where I traveled.  Those and many more videos can be found on my YouTube home page... click the link below.

Taking the NYS Regents Exam

This is the first in a series of videos where I take the NYS Physics Final State Exam, one page per video, and solve each problem while explaining my thought process.  Specific to the New York State exam but applicable to any physics problems.   Available at my YouTube channel.  I have completed 5 years worth of exams.

Build a Laser Show

This series of videos shows you how to construct different laser effects using mostly common materials and just a few fancy optic pieces (which I sell on my Etsy page).   A simple laser pointer can become so much more than a cat toy.